Poorboy - Jumpin' (Harmonica)
Crosscut Saw - Old (Harmonica/backing vocals)
Dust Radio - Dead Man's Crawl (Lead vocal/harmonica)
Dust Radio - Shotgun Shack (Lead vocal/harmonica)
Welter - The Letter (Lead vocal/harmonica)
The Dave Hanson Band - Joanna (Harmonica)
'My man Paddy has been studying the ins and outs of harmonica culture, history and trends for a long while now and it more than shows in his playing. He's got great tone and no hang ups, he plays to the song and is making music with every phrase, not just stock licks he stole off someone's record that they stole from another. The Paddy Richter harmonica tuning we all play may not be named after him but the Richter part works well too 'cuz this dudes shakin' things up! Earthquake Harmonica Attack to the Face!' - Jason Ricci